Teach Kindness Resources During COVID-19 Crisis 

Uncertainty, stress, fear, anger—these are all emotions that students and their families are experiencing right now as a result of the ongoing health, social, and economic crises. In these difficult times, as routines have been disrupted and students experience the effects of compounding national crises, social-emotional learning has never been more important. For most, the job of an educator has never been more difficult, which is why we’re striving to make social-emotional learning easier and more readily available. While the Teach Kindness challenge remains open and available for the rest of the current school year and will be back in the Fall for the 2020-21 school year, we wanted to share additional resources with you that you can use outside the structure of the 30-day challenge.

In the next few weeks, we will be rolling out modifications to Teach Kindness lessons including adaptations for online learning and at-home use that will allow you to use Teach Kindness in a multitude of learning environments. Stay connected to us. We are here, in solidarity, to support you and hope to be responsive to your unique needs. Please contact program@weteachkindness.org with questions, ideas, or feedback.

Additional Resources