In order to successfully participate in Teach Kindness, schools must complete the following criteria:

WHO? At least 25% of your school’s teachers, administrators, and specialized support staff sign on to participate in Teach Kindness. (You self-report the total number of staff when you register, so it’s up to you to decide who to include!)

WHAT? All participating staff:

  • Register
  • Take the Reflection Exercise
  • Teach and rate at least four activities
  • Help launch an enduring Kindness Ritual at your school

WHEN? Choose any 30-day window within a given cycle’s timeline. You select your school’s start date!

WHERE? Take the Challenge during class time, advisory programs, homeroom, or where you see fit in your school.

Kindness Incentives

Once your school successfully meets the Challenge, the Teach Kindness team will review and validate your school’s eligibility for:

  • Kind Schools Badge on
  • Kind Schools Plaque
  • Consideration for a $5,000 award