Kindness Is a Skill

Kindness is more than just “being nice” – it’s a skill. Like other skills, it can and should be taught, reinforced, and celebrated.

Kind schools are more effective at helping students succeed, both in school and in life. At schools where educators intentionally teach, foster, and celebrate kindness, students feel a greater sense of safety, support, and acceptance.

Teach Kindness 

Teach Kindness provides access to research-based curriculum and resources, free of charge, to administrators and educators who want to incorporate kindness into the school day. Teach Kindness is a four-week challenge that provides an exciting opportunity for your school to become stronger and kinder. It is designed to complement and add additional value to the lessons schools are already teaching. It’s flexible and fun!

What is Teach Kindness? Download our easy-to-understand overview here.

Every School Can Teach Kindness

As with academic subjects, there’s no mystery to teaching, fostering, and celebrating kindness. For Teach Kindness, leading education organizations, distinguished teachers, and acclaimed researchers have teamed up to provide the most effective research-based tools and resources to help you improve your school climate and reduce behavior that leads to suspensions.

Take the first step: Accept the Challenge

Whether you’re just starting the journey to intentionally create a kind school where all students feel safe and supported, or you are well down the road, Teach Kindness can help. Together we can ensure that every child feels safe and welcomed at school.

Teach Kindness aims to make kindness commonplace in America’s schools. Join us and make a real difference for school communities across the country.